Wednesday, April 27

Arty Farty Me

Last year, I uncovered the AMAZING world of mixed media. I have since rediscovered my passion for art, drawing and making a mess. During the retreat I attended recently, I had the pleasure of getting a few tips from my current art muses. Retreats are good like that, you can meet people you draw inspiration from and their passion rubs off.

I have taken to art journalling. I find my moods expressed in my creations and Pinterest is great for getting ideas.

This was the cutest idea ever! Mr 8 drew me a frog ( I LOVE frogs). He asked me to put it in my special art book. I marched myself down to the local newsagency and purchased some carbon paper. I transferred the cutie to my journal then added some ink and paint and modelling paste and he came to life <3 p="">
Plasterers tape is a quick and easy way to add texture to a page. It's self adhesive and can be painted on, inked on and you can paste over the top of it with texture paste and still it can be seen (and felt) in the background. I used an image from Pinterest for inspiration, but I adapted it to fit my style.

I picked up my pencil one day, while watching the leaves flit past on the breeze, this beauty came to me. Those impromptu art lessons I got helped with the shading of her face.

Once I drew one girl, I saw this on Pinterest and thought "I can do that!"

My days are predominately filled with taking care of my boys but I do something crafty every day to keep the blues away. I hope you do to xx

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