Saturday, May 7

Creating Goodness on the Bad Days

A lot of my life is a challenge. With 2 kids and their father on the Autism Spectrum, life isn't easy. Most days I can say "compared to others, it's not that bad. There are days that my blinders go up and all I can see is my worlds and the grey clouds fly in and there is no helping me.
These are the days I find art journalling very important. It is the way my psyche has of getting out everything I need to get out. Some times its through the colours, all dark blues or angry reds. Others through the layer upon layer upon layer of something I make and then destroy then make then destroy again as if nothing can ease my mind.

I spend these days with Cherie, my bestie, my sister from another mister, my soul friend and my ground. We laugh together, cry together and destroy paint sponges together. I inspire her, she inspires me. We understand each other and don't have to even talk to get this understanding.
I urge you all to find yourself a "Cherie" and get messy together and do something that makes the grey clouds move.

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